Enraptured By Her Pt. 2

The next day, I am so turned on that I find myself fantasizing about Natti and Bryant all throughout work. I am usually extremely focused and self-disciplined when it comes to my position as administrative assistant to the busy legal office that I work at, but today, I am just too turned on. So much so that I end up texting Bryant during lunch, describing to him what I’ve been daydreaming about all morning long.

My panties are soaked. I’ve been thinking about Natti gagging on your cock while I suck your heavy balls and tongue fuck your ass. Would my sexy husband enjoy that?

At first, I think that I’ve turned him off since he doesn’t respond right away as he usually does. I’m at my desk, disappointment and frustration coursing through me until I hear my phone go off. A tiny moan escapes me when I read his scintillating text.

Where has this amazing sex goddess been hiding all along? I don’t know how long I would last with two beautiful women worshiping me like that, but I promise I’d come more than once for the both of you. Do you want me to invite her over tonight?

My little cunt is throbbing so painfully, I can’t help but sneak away to the bathroom so that I can call Bryant. I know that it won’t solve anything, but maybe his sexy voice can help me get off and alleviate some of this sexual frustration that has taken complete control over me. Thankfully, there’s a single bathroom that is gender neutral, so no one will be able to hear my erotic moans and whimpers.

“Hello, beautiful.” His sexy, masculine voice sends tendrils of lust up and down my tightly coiled body. “You just can’t wait to worship me with her, can you?”

Thankfully, the bathroom is clean and spotless so all I can focus on is hiking my pencil skirt up before I wander my right hand down to my swollen, drenched sex. A tiny moan escapes me as my middle finger brushes my highly sensitive clit.

“Baby,” I whimper as I gaze down at my trembling knees, my shaky hands. “I need you. My panties are soaked.”

“Mm. My sexy little minx. You’re touching yourself, aren’t you?”

My eyes roll back as I slowly slip my middle finger inside my hot, molten core. “Yes. I’m so turned on. I’m shaking.”

“Want me to help you get off?”

I almost say yes until I imagine how amazing my orgasm would feel if I touched myself and restrained myself from coming. “I want to touch myself but not come. I want to wait until I’m with you and Natti.”

“Mm. So fucking sexy. You promise you won’t come?”

“Yes, baby.” I moan as I start to pump my finger in and out of my drenched hole. “God, I wish you were here, fucking me against the wall. I need your big, fat cock inside of me, Bryant.”

I hear the chair swivel followed by barely a restrained hiss. “You want to be my little slut, Laurel? Do you want to be my little devoted cock whore that takes all of my hot cum in all of her holes?”

I almost come from his mere words. “Oh my God. Yes, please!”

I take my hand away and breathe heavily into the phone for a few seconds so that the overabundance of visceral pleasure doesn’t push me over the edge. He hums into the phone before he chuckles.

“Natti said that she would be delighted to come over tonight. It seems that there won’t be time for dinner, though.” He pauses before he says, “You didn’t come, right?”

“No.” I circle my swollen, puffy clit with slow, gentle strokes. “I want to save my orgasms for you and Natti.”

“Good girl.” He pauses again and clears his throat before he says, “Why haven’t you shared this side of yourself with me, baby? I’m definitely not complaining. I’m just…extremely surprised. But in a very good way.”

I stop touching myself and ponder his question for a few seconds before I say, “I guess I was ashamed. I’ve always been told that women can’t explore their sexuality. I’ve always thought that it was…wrong.”

“Well, it’s not wrong,” he gently says. “I’m so happy that you shared this part of yourself with me. And that you are giving me permission to play with another woman. Thank you, Laurel. You are the perfect wife.”

His affectionate words make me smile so wide. “I’m not perfect, baby. But thank you.” I glance down at my soaking, bare mound that is dripping with arousal and I moan. “I wish you were inside of me right now, filling my pussy with your hot, thick cum. Then I could ride Natti’s face and she could eat your creampie.”

A strangled moan escapes him. “Careful, Laurel. I’ll come over right now and wreck that little pussy until my cum is dripping out of you, slipping down your inner thighs.”

“Can you?”

He sighs. “I wish. God, I want to. I’m so tempted to leave early and take you home with me. I want to eat that sweet pussy while Natti tongue fucks your sexy, tight ass. We could both fuck you at the same time. She could wear a strap-on. Would you like that, my sexy slutty wife?”

My thighs quiver as more arousal seeps from my cunt. “I love when you talk to me like that.”

“You like it when I call you my hot slutty wife? What if I had Natti find you more sexy women to worship you at the same time while I watch?”

I almost scream as my womb throbs in pain from the incessant lust. “As long as they get to worship you afterward and I watch. It’s only fair.”

“That’s kind of you, baby. But I don’t desire that at the moment. After they leave, I would fuck all of your holes so hard. I’d fill you up over and over again until we both pass out on the bed.”

I have to take away my hand from my cunt because it feels like I’m going to explode. “Bryant. I need you. Please.”

He must hear the desperation laced in my voice because he growls and says, “You will be a good girl and end your shift. When you get home, you will shower and put on the sexy lingerie that I will buy for you along with the pair of stilettos and patiently wait for Natti and me to arrive. Understood?”

I almost turn into a puddle of mere lust. “Yes, baby,”

“Good girl.”



I do everything that Bryant instructed me to do. I make sure to shave everything until I’m smooth and bare. I take a thorough shower and put on the sexy, black, elegant lingerie that Bryant bought for me from Agent Provocateur. Alarm rushes through me at the sight of the designer lingerie label but I know that he will insist on me wearing the beautiful lacy bra and underwear, claiming that I deserve it. Bryant is sweet like that.

After pouring myself a glass of moscato and putting on my brand new, shiny five-inch stilettos, I patiently wait for them on the king size mattress. The relentless throbbing in between my legs has not lessened; instead, it has gotten worse. But I don’t touch myself at all, knowing that my Bryant and Natti are going to arrive to give me an evening that I won’t forget. When the door opens and Natti steps into the bedroom with her flawless makeup, black push up bra, black thong and black five-inch stilettos, I feel my womb throb even more in response. Our gazes lock as I finish the remainder of the sweet wine and after setting it aside on the nightstand, I slowly crawl toward her on the bed, making sure to stick my ass out as much possible. She moans when I press my lips against her taut, firm stomach and I sigh in contentment when I feel Bryant behind me, gently squeezing my firm, round ass. I quickly roll over and position myself so that my head is hanging over the edge of the mattress.

“Fuck my face, Natti,” I eagerly say as I gaze up at her. “I want your cum to gush down my throat. I want to swallow it all.”

She grins in excitement as her heady gaze hovers over to Bryant. “Your wife is such a good submissive. I’m so jealous.”

“She is perfect.”

Bryant’s three simple words fill me with so much praise. Natti’s sensual perfume infiltrates my nose, which forces me to close my eyes as she quickly takes off her thong to carefully straddle my face. Her musky, feminine scent invades my senses and I eagerly plant a gentle kiss against her soft petals before I stick my tongue out and drag it up her slit. She moans as she slowly begins to ride my long, wet tongue. Bryant places my legs on his broad shoulders and pulls aside my black, lacy thong to spit on my drenched labia before he plunges his tongue deep inside of me, so deep that his nose is resting against my clit. My scream of pleasure is muffled by Natti’s succulent pussy on my mouth. Bryant tongue fucks me so good that my legs are quivering on his shoulders and the sexy sound of our tongue fucking echoes throughout the room, fueling my white-hot lust.

“So fucking hot,” Natti says as she rides me harder and faster. “I’m going to come so hard down your throat.”

Her juices are running down my face and straight into my mouth while Bryant continues to plunge his tongue in and out of my cunt. I need his cock, though. I urgently squeeze Natti’s hips to attain her attention so that she can lift herself up from my mouth for a moment.

“I need your cock, baby,” I urgently say. “Please fuck my slutty pussy.”

He seems to love my words because he quickly undresses to reveal his rippling, sculpted body. Natti and I both avidly stare and moan in unison once his long, thick cock springs free. I imagine Natti gagging and drooling all over his cock while I spread his ass and plunge my tongue as deeply as I can and the image makes my womb clench.

“You want this cock?” he asks in a raspy whisper as he slaps the fat, thick head against my swollen, slick folds. “How badly do you want it?”

“I need it! Please!”

He growls as he slowly slips inside of me, inch by exquisite inch. I gasp once he fully penetrates me and he shudders as he remains completely still. Natti carefully places her beautiful cunt over my mouth so that I can greedily lap away at her delicious, slippery core.

“So fucking tight and wet,” he whispers. “I need to fill you up with my hot cum.”

The inane nonsense of the world fades away as I focus solely on Natti’s succulent pussy riding my mouth and Bryant’s long, thick cock pumping in and out of my cunt. Bryant places my legs on his shoulders, driving himself even deeper inside of my throbbing womb and it triggers my orgasm without warning. My legs violently shake on his shoulders as his heavy balls slap against me and the orgasm is elongated by Natti’s delicious, addicting arousal seeping right into my mouth. I can feel my tight, slippery cunt squeezing his cock like a vice and he groans in absolute pleasure.

“Come again, my little slut,” Bryant hisses. “Lick her pussy harder and make her gush down your throat.”

Natti’s carnal scream of pleasure bathes my hypersensitive body in even more arousal as more of her sweet nectar seeps from her cunt. I lick her more voraciously, making sure to curve my tongue so that it stimulates her G-spot in the right angle and judging by the way she is riding my face with her demanding, greedy thrusts, I know that she is on the cusp of orgasm. Being used by the both of them is too much for me and I find myself succumbing to yet another orgasm as Bryant brings his right hand down to my throat to lightly squeeze my airway.

“Come hard with me, baby,” Natti urgently whispers. “Oh, fuck!”

Her legs clench before her hips buck and she gushes down my throat. I moan in ardent heat as my womb tightens around Bryant’s huge cock and I eagerly swallow every drop of Natti’s decadent, succulent pussy juice. My entire body is shaking from the visceral waves of pleasure and I gently pull away from Bryant to sit up on the bed so that I can frame Natti’s beautiful face and ardently kiss her. She is still violently shaking from the powerful orgasm that she just had and the way she is eagerly darting her tongue in and out of my mouth is so sexy to me, the fact that she is tasting her addicting, musky essence on my tongue.

I could very well just fuck Natti with my hand and mouth and feed her countless orgasms and know that Bryant would be more than okay with that, but I want my baby to feel good, too. Clearly, I haven’t told Natti my little fantasy of worshiping him at the same time with her, so I bring my mouth to her ear and try to stifle the tiny giggle that escapes.

“I want you to gag and drool on his cock while I tongue fuck his ass, baby. Is that something you’d like to do with me?”

“I would love to do that,” she whispers in a low tone. “Can you deepthroat?”

I frown as shame encapsulates me. “No. I can never fully take him down my throat and it makes me sad.”

She kisses my cheek and winks at me. “Don’t worry, baby doll. You’ll be a pro after you do it with me. Practice is key. Your gag reflex will go away.”

Excitement thrums through me at the thought of orally pleasuring my sexy, amazing husband at his job. The thought of being able to take him completely down my throat sends a primal shiver of lust straight through me. We both turn our heads toward him at the same time and a laugh escapes him.

“Why do I feel like I’m about to be ravaged?”

“Because you are,” Natti says as she crawls toward him. “I love sucking on a big, fat, thick cock. It makes me dripping wet.”

Bryant shudders and avidly watches me as Natti approaches him with his fully erect cock that is glistening with my slick arousal. “Is this okay, baby?”

“Yes,” I say in a breathless whisper. “I want to watch her first. I want her to teach me how to take your cock all the way down my throat. I want to be your devoted little cock whore. ”

His eyes widen and a blush creeps on his pale cheeks. “I don’t know where you learned how to talk like this baby, but my God, please don’t stop.”

I quickly go over to the both of them and eagerly watch in rapt silence as Natti wraps her right small hand around the base of his thick, nine-inch cock and closes her eyes before she wraps her satin lips around the pulsating, wet mushroomhead. She drags her tongue against the slit of his cock and flicks it as she cradles his heavy, smooth shaven balls, which coaxes a guttural moan from him. I can’t help but bring my mouth to Bryant’s neck to gently kiss and suck the sensitive skin there while I continue to avidly watch Natti swirl her tongue around his throbbing cockhead. I love feeling his taut, sinewy body trembling with barely restrained lust and I can’t help but moan at the decadent sight of Natti swallowing his entire, thick, throbbing length without even gagging. She slowly bobs her head up and down his nine-inch cock and I gently run my fingers through her silky black strands. But I yearn to see more. Much more.

“Make it sloppy and wet,” I whisper. “Fuck his cock with your throat.”

Natti looks up at Bryant with a sly smile on her beautiful face. “You want to ride my face, baby? You can fuck my little throat as hard as you want. Give it to me hard.”

A strangled moan escapes him as he quickly looks over at me. “Laurel? Are you sure you’re not going to regret this later?”

My response is to frame his smooth-shaven, handsome face and reel him in for a sexy, scorching kiss that makes him forget about his anxiety that’s caused by me. I can’t deny that I feel so much guilt over neglecting my sensual side after our premature baby, Robbie, passed away. I shouldn’t have punished Bryant for that sad, traumatic event, but unfortunately, I inadvertently did so by turning down his kisses and requests for intimacy.

But right now, I can’t focus on my emotions. This is all about him. So after Natti lies down on the mattress and positions her face right underneath him, I wrap my hands around his toned hips and slowly kiss my way down his spine. He shivers and gasps when Natti seamlessly slips his entire rigid cock down her throat and my lips finally reach his taut, firm behind. I gently spread his sexy ass and kiss his tight opening before I slowly swirl my tongue around his back entrance. His entire body stiffens and a gasp escapes him as Natti and I begin to simultaneously worship him with our adoring, wet tongues.

“Fuck me,” he says with a trembling voice. “I’m not going to last long at all with the both of you on me like this. It feels so fucking good.”

He begins to grind against the both of us and just feeling his palpable, visceral pleasure is sending tendrils of ecstasy straight to my nipples and womb. My clit throbs in absolute arousal as I plunge my tongue even further inside of him and hearing the wet, sloppy sounds of him riding Natti’s face is so fucking sexy. Hearing his unrestrained carnal moans of pleasure propel me to lick him even faster and harder. I drag my tongue down to his heavy, smooth shaven balls and eagerly, passionately suck them as I carefully slip my middle finger inside his slick, tight entrance. He immediately tenses and I stop, thinking that I’m hurting him.

“If you do that, I will come so hard,” he tautly whispers.

I quickly bring my mouth back to his testicles and lavish them in slick warmth while I slowly, gently begin to finger his tight entrance. His thrusts become more erratic and urgent and I feel his ecstasy crescendo until he can no longer sustain his pleasure. His balls contract in my mouth and his ass tightens around my finger before he bucks and moans and his firm, toned thighs tremble. Just feeling his overwhelming ecstasy as he comes straight into Natti’s mouth sends a shiver of raw pleasure all throughout my body as well. I gently slip my finger out and make my way to Natti to zestfully kiss her with vigor, hoping that I can taste some of Bryant’s delicious cum. I moan into her mouth as she swirls her tongue around my own, allowing me to taste some of his sweet seed.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” she whispers against my lips. “We need to make you come, too, you know.”

I quickly shake my head. “Not right now. I am more than happy making the both of you come.”

A tiny yelp escapes me as I feel Bryant’s strong, lean arms wrap around my petite frame. He reels me back against him and he kisses the nape of my neck before he growls into my ear, making sure to nibble on my earlobe. I am paralyzed with arousal as I feel his slippery, erect cock rubbing against my back.

“My sexy little slutty wife,” he whispers. “Lie on your back and I will ride that hot little tongue while Natti sucks me off. I’ll finish on the both of you.”

I quickly lie down with my back against the mattress, eagerly waiting for my sexy husband to use my hot mouth. He carefully straddles my face and I stick my tongue out in anticipation of worshiping him once again. Once he cautiously settles himself on my face, I slide my tongue back into his tight entrance and I relish in the way he moans and shudders in absolute surrender. I hear Natti’s skillful mouth working his cock once again and he seems to love this position because he is moaning and writhing against the both of us even more.

“Fuck yes,” he says in a possessed tone. “I’m going to shoot my hot load over the both of you. Keep licking and sucking.”

I make sure to swirl my tongue in his tight hole as Natti slurps and sucks on his throbbing cock. His heavy balls are rubbing my nose and I wrap my arms around his hips, wanting more of him. I’ve never felt closer to Bryant than I do now and knowing that I am giving him amazing, selfless pleasure fills my chest with so much happiness. His breathing turns shallow and his muscles tense before he hisses and bucks against the both of us.

“I’m so close,” he says. “Bring your faces together so that I can give the both of you a facial.”

Natti and I both quickly pull away from him and kneel side by side as Bryant furiously jerks himself off. He moans when I frame Natti’s face with my hands and I passionately kiss her, gently biting down on her lower lip as she roams my petite, thin body with her small hands. She tastes so delicious and amazing and her soft, supple skin is so addicting.

“Coming,” he hisses. “Fuck!”

We quickly break the kiss to place our faces right near his beautiful cock and avidly watch in anticipation for his cum to glaze our faces. His cock jerks in his hand and a guttural gasp escapes him as his white, hot cum spurts out of him in thick, long strands and lands on our faces. I moan at the sexy, exuberant sensation of his warm, viscous semen trickling down my cheek and chin and once he is finally done, I turn to Natti and eagerly lick all of the cum off her gorgeous face. She does the same to me, making sure to lick every single drop of his delicious, sweet cum.

“Mm. Baby girl, that was amazing,” she says. “Bryant is so lucky to have you.” She abruptly kisses me, digging her teeth into my pink lips, making me moan and shiver. “Unfortunately, I have to get going. I have my regular boring job tomorrow bright and early. Hopefully, there will be a repeat of this soon?”

“Of course.” I glance at Bryant, who is avidly watching me as he lies back on the bed with his head on the pillow. “Is that okay, baby?”

“The wife is the boss. Always.”

After following Natti out to the door and closing it shut, I feel him behind me, eagerly watching me. My little cunt is still throbbing, yearning for his cock to pump me full of his fertile seed. The memory of Robbie passes through my mind and tears immediately form in my eyes. He must sense my deep sadness because he quickly walks over to me and holds me tight, reminding me that I am still here and that I can still thrive and be happy.

“I’m so sorry,” I whisper with a trembling voice.

“Sorry for what, baby?” He gently runs his fingers through my silky strands. “You have nothing to be sorry about. You just gave me the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life. You’ve made me so fucking happy.”

Joy eclipses the sadness polluting my chest. “I am so happy you enjoyed it. I’m just sorry for neglecting you in bed. I’ve been such a bad wife.”

“And I’m sorry for going to the strip club behind your back. I should have been more supportive of you.” He pauses and says, “I miss him, too. I try not to think about it, but some days, he’s all I can think about.”

Instead of focusing on the raw hurt and blinding sorrow surrounding Robbie’s premature death, I focus on my sexy, kind husband who is naked and embracing my scantily clad self. Without saying a word, I kneel down before him and run my hands down his sculpted, masculine body. I kiss his limp cock which quickly springs back to life and I look up at him with complete adoration and devotion.

“I want you to fill my pussy with as much cum as possible,” I whisper as I massage his balls. “I want to feel it dripping out of my pussy lips and spilling down my thighs.”

He swiftly wraps his right hand around my neck, adding light pressure to my airway. “You want to be my little creampie whore? I will fuck that delectable little cunt in every single room of the house and even in my office. I will make you so cum drunk, it will be the only thing you will think about.”

I almost come from hearing his salacious, promising words. “Oh my God. Yes, please!”

He grins and pulls me up by my hands. “I wish I could do it right now. Fuck you all night and fill you up with my jets of white hot cum. But I have an early start tomorrow and I need to get some sleep, unfortunately.” He traces my lips with his thumb as a growl escapes him. “You will meet me at work tomorrow with no panties on underneath your skirt. Understood?”

I shiver upon hearing his promising words. “Yes, sir.”

To be continued.

Office Pet

Underneath his large oak desk

I happily kiss and suck

Every delicious inch of him

Lavishing him in wet heat

Forcing him to moan and shudder

When I flick my tongue

Below his balls full of seed

Eliciting a whimper from me

When he roughly pulls my hair

Calls me his sweet little cock whore

That is always craving more

My long, wet, loving tongue

Fucking him with deep licks

While I stroke his veiny cock

That is dripping precum

At the throbbing tip

And I massage his testicles

Until he whispers my name

And his toned legs shake

Before his cum, sweet and hot

Gushes out of his throbbing cock

Right onto his firm, taut stomach

I moan in absolute need

Before I lick every precious drop

Relishing in his intoxicating

Addicting semen that I adore

I love you, my sweet slave

He whispers gratefully

Before I kiss his erect cock

And I return to my office

Where I daydream

Of the next time

He will allow me

To worship him

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Caught By The Boss

I am going to hell for this, I think to myself as I lie down on my boss’s office floor and skim my fingers over my damp panties. I’ve been wet all day while at work, thinking of him…his sweet, intoxicating smile, his luscious brown eyes, his gentle, kind demeanor…

Everyone has gone home and I am the only one here. I was immersed in my work, transcribing the last report that took me over four hours, but I only did it because Mr. Henderson personally asked me.

What would he do if he walked in and saw me with my skirt hiked up and my legs spread apart like the most depraved little whore, thinking of his lips on mine, his hands roaming all over my full figured body? Would he be disgusted or would he be turned on?

A moan escapes me as I rub myself through my panties, spreading the silky wetness all over my wet, pink folds. This is the closest that I will get to fucking my sexy, kind boss. He is married and has three children. He’s over twenty years older than me. And even if he were single, he wouldn’t desire me in that way, not when there are thinner, more fit, more beautiful women working for him here…

But I don’t focus on that right now. I may not be a supermodel, but I know how to get myself off and come multiple times. It hasn’t even been a minute and I’m already tensing up, feeling the familiar stirring of release deep in my womb. I keep rubbing my middle finger over the damp fabric and I shiver as I think of my body against his, his bare touch sending exhilaration all over my skin.

It usually takes me a few minutes to achieve my first orgasm, but in less than a minute, I am shuddering and gasping in imminent release. I close my eyes, tilt my head back and moan his name out loud. My orgasm is swift and overpowering, making me whimper and buck against my hand. I need more, though. So I slip my hand underneath my panties and quickly begin to touch myself, loving how warm and wet I am. The sound of my finger against my wet sex echoes throughout the silent room until I feel my second orgasm coiling deep within my womb and I muffle my loud, visceral moan with my left hand as I tilt my head back and moan his name out loud again, coming so hard, thinking of his cock nestled deep inside of me…

When I reopen my eyes, I find myself staring up at my boss, who is staring at me so intently, I can feel his penetrating gaze boring into my soul.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Mr. Henderson,” I quickly and frantically say as I sit up and lower my skirt down. “I don’t know what got into me. Please forgive me.”

I feel so many things at once; sheer panic at the fact that he discovered me touching myself and excitement by his mere presence. He is wearing my favorite dark blue suit with a white dress shirt, a black-blue striped tie, and a black pocket square. He looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ. Instead of looking away in disgust or indifference, though, he slowly walks toward me until he is standing right over me and kneels down, never breaking his gaze from me.

“Please don’t stop,” he urgently whispers. “I won’t touch you. I promise. I just…want to keep watching you. You are so beautiful and sexy.”

My throat constricts and a rush of adrenaline surges within me, but I don’t say anything as I hike up my skirt again and show him my black, wet panties that are even damper now from my lust. He hums in approval and I shiver as I slip my hand back down to my slippery, wet pussy. I slip my fingers over the sensitive folds and shiver, keeping my gaze on him. His beautiful brown eyes are filled with so much potent lust right now as his gaze skims down my body. I begin to touch myself again and he glances at my aching sex; I already feel myself tightening for a third release. His gaze roams back to my face and I moan as I slip my finger inside, making me buck in absolute surrender.

“Sweet girl, what are you thinking of? Tell me what goes through your mind as you touch yourself.”

My whole body trembles as I say, “I am thinking of us kissing, our naked bodies rubbing against each other. Your hands roaming all over my body. Your mouth on my cunt, tasting me. My mouth on your cock, kissing, licking and sucking everywhere.”

He shivers. “Good girl. Are you close? I want to see your beautiful face contort with pleasure when you come.”

“Yes, very close.” I moan and whimper as I stare back at him. “I’m so close.”

I know that I’m going to come so hard when I arch my back and scream out his name. I feel my cum gush out of me and soak my panties and I can’t stop shaking as the orgasm continues to spread throughout my body. I’m about to apologize when he groans and abruptly stands up.

“Hannah, please follow me,” he says. “Take off your panties and spread your legs on my desk.”

The thought of coming all over his desk makes me paralyzed for a moment. But I do as I’m told. I quickly get up, walk over to his desk, take off my panties and sit on his mahogany wooden desk. I spread my legs and wait for him to sit down on his large leather chair. He is so close to me, he could easily touch me without getting up, but he continues to watch, enraptured.

“Squirt all over my desk,” he says in a firm yet gentle tone. “Come hard. Don’t hold back.”

I shudder and close my eyes as I nod and lean back on his desk as I start fingering myself again. I can’t believe that this is happening, but at the same time, I don’t want this moment to end. I am soaking wet and so sensitive; it only takes a few strokes of my finger to send me over the edge again, making me come harder and gush even more on his desk. My hands violently tremble and I whisper his name before I touch myself again and gush all over his desk, which forces me to close my eyes and whimper in absolute ecstasy.

“Such a good girl,” he says. “Will you lick your cum from my desk? Lap it up like a good girl for your boss?”

I shudder at his sexy, erotic order and nod again, carefully getting off the desk to eagerly lick my own cum. I’ve never tasted my cum before but I’m surprised to find that it tastes both sweet and salty.

“How does it taste?” he asks in a taut tone.

“Delicious,” I reply.

“Mm. Good girl. I want you back here same time tomorrow. Understood?”

“Yes, boss.”

He smiles. “You’ve made me a very happy boss. I will see you tomorrow, my little nymph.”

Her Voyeur Pt. 1

God, I’m so horny and I have no one to properly fuck my brains out, Isabella thought to herself as she gazed outside the large window of her studio in the Upper West Side. It was a gorgeous summer day and Isabella couldn’t deny the primal yearning stirring within her womb. She needed to get fucked properly, and while there were no doubt hordes of men who would be willing to satisfy that need for her, she couldn’t bring herself to go out hunting for that elusive lover since men were such an abysmal disappointment.

There were the men that barely lasted five minutes inside of her and had the audacity to claim that her ‘pussy was too tight’. Then there were the men that expected her to give them amazing oral sex but didn’t want to reciprocate the favor. After a few horrible and atrocious attempts at erotic, scintillating sex, Isabella had forfeited her voracious lustful desires and had plunged herself deep into work.

But today was different. Perhaps it was the sensual breeze wafting in from the open window or the erotic caresses of the sun’s rays, she wasn’t certain. All she knew was that she needed to fuck herself until her womb was sore the next day.

Her nipples were hard and tender, swollen against the rubbing of the cotton blouse that she had worn for work that day. How sad that the most arousing experience she had had in six months involved her going to work without a bra and getting aroused by the delicious friction that the cloth gave her.

Work had absolutely killed the potent sensuality and raw eroticism that had once thrived inside of her, but she definitely felt it coming back. Closing her eyes, she rested her forehead against the window and slowly pulled up her black pencil skirt. The throbbing in her womb was too strong for her to ignore; she brought her right hand down to her silky black panties and gingerly caressed her aching sex through the sheer fabric. She shivered upon the sensation of her middle finger grazing her damp, sensitive slit and the thought of someone avidly watching her from across the street passed through her mind, but she didn’t care. I hope they enjoy the show, she thought to herself as she began to fuck herself into oblivion.

Minutes passed in delicious tension; her finger coaxed more arousal to seep from her tight womb, her body viscerally reacting to the secret, taboo fantasies that she carefully hid from the world. Coveted fantasies of absolute surrender to the right dominant man that would use her well and thoroughly.

A loud moan escaped her as she imagined herself kneeling before her imaginary lover with her hands tied behind her back as he roughly face fucked her. In her deviant, erotic mind, the dominant man would be the perfect balance of sweet and dirty; he would have no hesitation calling her his sweet fuck doll, his beautiful whore, while he used her and fucked all of her tight, little holes. Filling her up with all of the hot, sweet cum that she craved.

A gasp escaped her before her toned legs trembled and her womb tightened in warning before the orgasm wracked her petite body and she came, hard. Wave after wave of delicious pleasure coursed through her, forcing her body to tremble all over. With shaky hands, she quickly took off her white blouse and let it fall to the floor before she slipped her silky black panties down to her knees and continued to pleasure herself. Only this time she slipped her middle finger inside of her hot, wet slit and curved her finger inward in the hope that she would stimulate her G-spot.

“I wish I had a big, fat cock fucking my slutty little pussy right now,” she said out loud to the empty, still studio. “Fuck me!”

She felt like a woman possessed as she imagined her imaginary dominant man bending her over the couch and spreading her pussy wide before he slid his long, thick cock inside of her. She would be so wet and ready for him, so immensely turned on that she wouldn’t need any foreplay at all. Her tits would sway as he fucked her deep and hard, pulling on her long, raven hair while he rubbed her little clit and whispered filthy, sumptuous delicacies into her ear.

After I fill this slutty little pussy up with my hot cum, I am going to slip my cock into your tight virgin ass and fuck you so hard until my cum is dripping from both of your holes. Making you my personal little cum bucket.

With that scintillating, kinky image seared into her brain, she buckled in surrender before her womb ached in absolute euphoria and she squirted all over herself, creating a small puddle on the floor in between her legs. Her legs trembled violently and the sexy, alluring sound of her squirt splashing against the hardwood floor turned her on immensely.

Her arousal, however, ended the moment she opened her eyes and cast her gaze outside just in time to see a figure quickly dart from the large window in the apartment right across from her. Shit, someone has been watching me, she frantically thought to herself as her entire body froze in panic. The carelessness that she had felt before dissipated and transformed into concern, forcing her to quickly move away from the window and recede to the couch where she was safely hidden from plain view.

She tried to forget the entire situation but even as she tried to distract herself with a fantasy novel, she couldn’t divert her mind from the realization that her neighbor had been secretly watching her masturbate. To her shock, the mere fact that she had accidentally attracted a voyeur aroused her immensely, to the point that her nipples hardened again and her womb began its incessant ache.

Setting the book on the black leather couch, she walked up to the large window and timidly looked outside, straight ahead to the apartment directly across from her. Surprise engulfed her entire petite body when she saw a poster board taped to the window with a phone number. Nothing else was written on it.

It was as if someone else were controlling her movements because Isabella picked up her cell phone from the kitchen counter and slowly dialed the number, not knowing what to expect at all. What if this guy was a total creep and started stalking her? He knew where she lived, obviously. After having had a horrible experience with a cyber stalker, Isabella knew better than to trust complete strangers, especially when it came to the opposite sex.

Despite all this, though, she couldn’t deny the adrenaline surging through her system as her heart rapidly raced and her hands shook from a mixture of intrigue and fear. When the ringing stopped and she heard a male voice take a deep breath, her eyes widened and her entire body froze in place.

“So she called. Good girl. I’m proud of you.”

His voice was deep and husky. For some reason, Isabella sensed that it belonged to an older man; his voice carried authority and respect as well as wisdom, something that younger men lacked. She was immobile as she stared out the window and intently gazed at the apartment across from her; from her vantage point, she could see a neat, tidy office room, complete with a desk and a bookcase that was filled to the brim with books. Her mysterious voyeur was nowhere to be seen, though.

“I usually don’t do these sort of things,” Isabella whispered. “I’m…I’m sorry for what you saw.”

A few tense moments transpired before her voyeur chuckled. “Sorry? You should never be sorry for embracing your sexuality. That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. If anyone should be apologizing, it should be me.”

A primal shudder coursed through Isabella at the thought of this stranger finding her sexy and desirable. While she wasn’t overweight or chubby, she was certainly no Victoria’s Secret model. She didn’t have that chiseled, toned stomach that she desired and her breasts were small and perky from having lost so much weight in the past two years. Men rarely checked her out on the street. And she didn’t blame them since there were much more beautiful, intoxicating women than her in this sprawling metropolis.

“It’s okay,” Isabella softly said. “Don’t be ashamed. I…kind of wanted someone to catch me.”

“You’re so beautiful. Your boyfriend is so lucky.”

Her cheeks flushed profusely. “No boyfriend. And thank you. There are way more sexy women out there, though.”

“Women that play games with you and fake orgasms? Yes, plenty of those. Women that have real orgasms and squirt all over the floor? Not enough of those, if you ask me.”

“Where are you?” she abruptly asked. “I can’t see you.”

He chuckled. “That’s the entire part of the allure, isn’t it? That I can see you but you can’t see me. I assure you that I’m not hideous looking. I notice women staring at me. Even men. I don’t like to be cocky about my physical appearance.”

“What are you wearing right now?”

She wasn’t sure why she asked that question, but she needed to know. The more she talked to him, the more she found herself turned on. Her body was clearly reacting to his sensual, masculine voice and she couldn’t help but lower her right hand to her petal soft lips.

“You need an image to fantasize about?” His voice was huskier now, a little more firm. “If I tell you what I am wearing, will you take off your clothes for me?”

“Yes, sir,” she quickly said. “One second.”

This was crazy. She shouldn’t be doing this. How could she be sure that anything he told her was the truth? But she couldn’t deny the thrill of mystery that surrounded this stranger with the sexy, hypnotic voice. After hastily removing the black tank top and black cotton undies, she shivered in anticipation of hearing his alluring voice again.

“Good girl. You are so obedient. I love that.” He paused before saying, “I am wearing a white collared dress shirt with black slacks.”

“What kind of shoes?”

“Black leather double monk shoes.” He laughed. “Got a shoe fetish?”

“I do, actually. I’ve always wanted to kneel down before a nicely dressed dominant man and lick his sexy shoes.”

“Hm.” He seemed to contemplate this for a few moments before he said, “You sound quite submissive. Am I correct?”

“Yes.” She gulped. “I’ve…never shared that side of myself with a man.”

“You feel like you can’t trust them.”

She nodded. “Correct.”

“And what does your intuition tell you about me? Can I be trusted?”

The answer slipped out of her lips before she could even think about it. “Yes. Yes, I can.”

“Very good. Would you like to play a little game?”

Isabella’s heart raced in its little ribcage. “What kind of game?”

“A game where I instruct you what to do. I promise you will enjoy it immensely. Do you promise to do everything I tell you?”

She hesitated for a moment before she said, “Yes. I promise.”

“Excellent. Are there any hard limits that you have? Be honest.”

Isabella couldn’t help but laugh as she thought of the short list of kinks and fetishes that she wasn’t into. “No scat. No being called pig or worthless. No rough anal.” She felt herself blush in shame. “I’m…a virgin.”

“You are so adorable. Yet so fucking sexy. Have you ever used a toy for that tight little virgin ass?”

She shivered upon hearing his dirty yet sweet words. “No, sir.”

“I will respect all of your limits. Any more that you may have?”

She quickly ran down the remainder of the short list. “No punching. Not into felching. No fisting. That’s it, really. Oh, and I can’t do public bathroom sex. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.”

“What if it was cleaned spotless and smelled good?”

A tiny smile tugged at her lips. “Then I would consider it.”

“So if I wrapped my big hand around your small, pale neck and pinned you against the wall, you would enjoy that?”

Isabella’s eyes rolled back and her right hand skimmed her bare, pink labia. “I would love that so much.”

“Mm. I want you to slowly rub that little clit in small, concentric circles. Make sure to rub it nice and slow. Don’t go too fast. Pretend that I am right behind you, avidly watching your every move.”

“Yes, sir.”

Imagining that he was right behind her, intently watching her masturbate, forced her to spread her legs further and lean her ass out more. Her voyeur seemed to enjoy this because he hummed in approval.

“Good little slut.” His husky, deep voice rumbled in her ear, his words reverberating throughout her highly sensitive body. “What do you fantasize about when you touch yourself?”

Isabella gasped as she slowly rubbed her puffy, aroused clit. “I think about a respectful dominant man owning me. Using me as his little devoted toy and fucking all of my holes.”

He paused for a few pregnant moments before he asked, “Are you real?”

She immediately stopped touching herself and stared outside the window. “What do you mean? Of course, I’m real, sir.”

“I just can’t believe my luck that such a beautiful, genuine submissive woman is talking to me right now. I’ve looked for you everywhere.”

Isabella smiled before she started rubbing her clitoris again. “Do you want to come over and see me in the flesh?”

“Tempting, but I can’t.”

The way he said those words made Isabella realize that he was in a compromising position. Sadness engulfed her as she yet again accepted the bitter fact that all the amazing, worthwhile men were always taken. Her arousal evaporated and the desire to continue this game with this sexy stranger dissipated.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.”

He seemed to contemplate her words before he asked, “What if I stood in front of the window? Would that change your mind?”

Excitement flushed through Isabella. “That’s not necessary, but I admit, I would really like that.”

“Very well.” He sighed and said, “I hate to inform you that I am much older than you. I hope that doesn’t ruin anything.”

She was about to say that she preferred older men when she finally set her gaze on him as he appeared before the window. He was tall, athletic and had salt and pepper hair that contrasted perfectly with his fair skin. He was gorgeous. He looked very much like the respectful dominant that starred in her most sinful fantasies. Just like he described, he wore a white dress shirt and black slacks. He smiled and waved at her and she waved back in a daze.

“You’re stunning,” she whispered. “Your wife is so lucky.”

He laughed. “You’re too kind, sweet girl. Does my little exhibitionist have a name?”

“Isabella. That’s my real name.”

“I’m Kieran. Real name as well.” His gaze hovered on her and she shivered at the way his gaze penetrated her soul, igniting her lust. “Shall we continue with the game?”

“You won’t be interrupted?”

Kieran chuckled. “Not for another few hours.”

“Okay,” she said. “I’m on.”

“Good girl. Go back to circling that little clit for me. Nice and slow.”

“Yes, sir.”

Isabella kept her gaze on Kieran despite the wave of nervousness surging through her body. Now that she could see her dominant man eagerly watching her, it was much easier to show off for him. Not to mention much more exciting and arousing for her as well. She brought her right hand down to her aching, damp labia and slowly rubbed her clitoris in tight, concentric circles. A gasp escaped her as more arousal seeped from her cunt, flooding her in more liquid heat.

“Yes.” His voice rumbled deliciously in her ear. “Just like that. Tease yourself. I want to see how long you last before you gush.” He paused before he asked, “Do you like name calling? Not counting those words you mentioned as your limits.”

“Yes,” she breathlessly said. “I love it so much. It turns me on immensely.”

“Good. Because you’re my beautiful little slut now. Do you want to see me touch myself?”

A loud, visceral moan escaped her. “Yes, please!”

“Very well then. Just for you and only you.”

She intently watched as he undid the button to his slacks and pulled down his zipper to take out his beautiful, long and thick cock. More arousal flooded her core as a primal shiver of pleasure wracked her petite body. She imagined her hands tied securely behind her back, kneeling before him as he fed her his cock and balls. Slurping and gagging on his cock, her eyes welling up with tears was an image that was extremely unappealing to many women but to Isabella, it was her favorite carnal desire.

“What are you thinking about, my darling little whore?” Kieran asked. “Perhaps we are fantasizing about the same exact thing?”

Isabella moaned before she said, “I’m thinking about kneeling before you and gagging on your cock, slobbering all over you until my eyes tear up and my tongue is resting against your balls. I just love to worship a beautiful cock.”

“Mm. Fuck.” Kieran groaned. “You’re perfect. I was imagining the same scenario. What color are your eyes?”

Isabella smiled as a thought popped up in her deviant mind. “Would you like to see them yourself via Skype?”

“God, I would,” he quickly said. “Do you have an iPhone? We could FaceTime.”

“Yes, I do. That sounds good.” Isabella stopped touching herself as excitement thrummed in her body. “I’ll hang up and you can video call me, okay?”

“See you soon, beautiful.”

Adrenaline surged through Isabella at the thought of seeing his handsome, fit body on her screen. She probably wouldn’t last very long with the tantalizing, erotic image of him stroking himself, but she was going to try her best to last as long as she could. She knew that the more she prolonged her pleasure, the better her orgasm would be. So much more cum would squirt out of her as well. It seemed that Kieran was immensely turned on by her ability to squirt.

After quickly placing a blanket on the floor along with a pillow, she lied down on the hardwood floor and patiently waited for Kieran to video call her. When his number appeared on her phone screen, excitement pulsed through her as she quickly accepted the video call.

“Hey,” she excitedly said. “Now you can see my eyes.”

Kieran was silent for a moment as he gazed at her. Isabella couldn’t help but shiver at the sight of his handsome, clean-shaven face staring back at her. He was even more gorgeous up close, with solemn yet gentle ocean blue eyes and an olive pale complexion. At first, Isabella feared that he was disappointed by what he saw until he angled the phone downward so that she could see his steel hard erection poking out through the fly of his slacks.

“I love your eyes,” he tautly whispered. “They’re so beautiful. You make me so hard. I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks.”

Isabella shivered as she imagined his sexy, fit body shuddering before his thick, warm ropes of cum spilled out of him. “Thank you, sir. Why is that?”

He wrapped his right hand around the base of his long, veiny cock and slowly stroked the base, eliciting a moan from Isabella. “I’ve been so busy working. I’ve had no time for myself. Plus my family always keeps me busy.”

You should be with me instead, she immediately thought to herself as she slowly lowered the phone down to her petite, thin body. To her delight, he groaned in approval when she spread her legs to expose her bare, drenched labia.

“God, you have such a sexy body and a beautiful pussy. If I were your boyfriend, I’d be eating that pussy all day long and fucking it all night. How do you like to get your pussy fucked?”

Isabella hesitated before she asked, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to ignore your question, but may I touch myself for you?”

“Of course.”

“Okay.” She shivered in excitement before she said, “Whatever position you prefer. I love to pleasure my partner. I do love getting fucked hard and deep, though. I love getting my hair pulled and getting my neck bitten.”

“I would bend you over the counter and pull aside those panties to fuck you so hard until that beautiful little pussy squirted all over my cock. Rub that puffy little clit again for me.”

Isabella bit her lower lip as she slowly and gently rubbed her highly aroused clitoris. Her womb throbbed incessantly, demanding release, but she denied herself the orgasm and instead stared at the delicious sight of Kieran fucking himself with his hand. There was a thick, fat drop of pre-cum on the tip of his swollen head and he used it as lubrication for his cock.

“Your cock is so beautiful, sir,” she said in a raspy whisper. “I wish you were riding my face right now. Filling my throat with your perfect cock.”

“I would love to do that to you. Making you my beautiful little cock whore. Feeding you my cock and balls.”

Isabella focused on her breathing as she continued to slowly rub her puffy little clit. She loved watching Kieran’s large, masculine hand wrapped around his veiny, throbbing cock. Hearing the wet, slippery sound of his hand working his beautiful cock was making Isabella whimper and squirm on her apartment floor like a wanton in heat.

“Slide your middle finger inside of that drenched, tight pussy, my little slut,” he said. “Finger fuck yourself and pretend my cock is teasing your cunt.”

A loud moan escaped her when she slid her middle finger completely inside of her slick, tight opening. “Kieran.” She gasped as she violently shuddered all over. “I am so fucking wet for you.”

“Yes, say my name,” he hissed. “Scream my name out when you come. My dirty little cum slut.”

The way this man talked to her was plucked straight out of her fantasies. The wet, squishy sounds of her finger slowly sliding in and out of her drenched hole and the scintillating, erotic sight of him jerking off were quickly bringing her to the edge of a potent, visceral orgasm. But she didn’t want to come so fast. She considered herself lucky that she could come so quickly and be able to enjoy multiple orgasms, but she wanted to come with him.

“Sir, I am holding back my orgasm for you,” she said. “I want us to both come together. Is that okay?”

“Of course it is. I am so close myself. You are too fucking sexy. Fuck that pussy harder and I will blow my load all over myself.”

Isabella moaned as she intently watched him unbutton his long sleeve collared blouse to unveil his taut, sinewy body before he continued to jerk himself off. She licked her lips as she imagined herself bouncing on top of him, his long fingers digging into her ass before she came so hard on him, squirting her cum all over his sexy chest so that she could lick every delicious, succulent drop.

“I wish I were bouncing on top of you right now,” she said in a raspy whisper. “My tits swaying and my entire body trembling before I squirt my pussy juice all over your chest so that I can lick up the sexy mess. Would you like that, sir?”

“Fuck yes.” He growled. “I’d let you squirt on me all night, all the times you wanted. I want my entire body drenched in your squirt.” He hissed as his hips jerked and his cock twitched in his hand. “I’m going to come so hard for you.”

“Kieran,” she tautly whispered before she shuddered in surrender. “Kieran, I’m coming.”

She closed her eyes and screamed his name out loud as her womb clenched and ecstasy paralyzed her petite body before she squirted so hard, her clear cum gushing out of her and seeping into the blanket beneath her. She opened her eyes just in time to hear Kieran moan and watch his cock jerk in his fist before he spurted his hot seed all over himself, coating his firm stomach and chest in his white-hot cum. So much cum gushed out of him and the erotic sight of it coaxed yet another orgasm from Isabella, only this time more cum squirted out of her, spraying her inner thighs in the clear, slick release.

“Kieran,” she moaned as she shuddered all over. “I need your cock, baby. I need it so bad.”

“My little fuck doll. I wish you were here to eat all the cum that spurted out just for you. That was so fucking sexy.”

Isabella brought her drenched hand to her mouth to suck on her fingers that were dripping with her cum. She made sure to bring the camera up to her face so that he could see her ardently sucking her cum drenched fingers. Kieran growled and brought the camera up to his handsome face.

“I wish I were there right now, fucking that tight little pussy and claiming it as mine.” He paused for a moment before he said, “You’re still horny, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Isabella’s voice wavered as her body continued to spasm from exquisite pleasure. “No matter how much I come from touching myself, it’s never enough.”

A few tenuous seconds passed before he said, “I have a proposition. You have to promise that you will only agree to it if you feel one hundred percent comfortable with it and genuinely desire it.”

~To be concluded in Part 2~

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Consumed By Her, Pt. 1


Consumed By Her

I stare up at the tall, beautiful, sleek building that juts up toward the crisp cerulean sky in Midtown Manhattan. The Bank of America building has always appealed to me; it might not be the tallest building in New York City, but I like its unique design and the way that it overlooks Bryant Park and The New York Public Library.

I’m so busy admiring the sleek design of the beautiful building that I barely pay any attention to the men that inquisitively glance at me as I pass them by. Handsome men in custom tailored suits and gorgeous eyes drink in my vivacious and lovely feminine figure, from my ruby lips, Latin hips, and slightly tan, smooth skin. The black dress that I’m wearing fits me well, and despite my reservations about the little pouch underneath my stomach, men are definitely checking me out. Once I finally realize that men are staring at me left and right, I can’t help but blush profusely. Especially since now is not the time to be fawning over attractive men.

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