Scene from The New Secretary

I’m in a conference call when I notice Aubrey approaching me, looking sultry and devilish in her white cotton blouse with a lacy black bra that shows off her hard, taut nipples. She grins at me as she kneels before me and licks her lips hungrily. I swear I get so hard and make up an excuse to end the call as I roll back in my chair and let Aubrey underneath my desk. Without saying a word, she crawls underneath the small space and looks up at me eagerly with her radiant smile and intoxicating bright eyes. She kisses my hardness through my slacks and I groan, already anticipating her silky soft lips and luxurious tongue around my throbbing cock.

“Will you ever get tired of sucking me off, baby?” I ask as she rubs me and continues to kiss me.

She looks up at me as she unbuckles me. “I will never get tired of worshiping my sir’s cock. Does it bother you, sir?”

“Absolutely not,” I quickly say. “I love that about you. I assure you that many men would kill to be in my place.”

“I want to suck you off slowly,” she whispers as she unbuttons my pants and pulls down the zipper. “Is that okay?”

“Take as much as time as you want, baby. I’ll promise to last as much as I can.”

Aubrey smiles as she unveils my cock from my boxers. She moans as she plants soft kisses all the way down my rigid cock, from the thick, throbbing head to my sensitive, aching balls. I run my hands through her soft hair and massage her scalp as she trails her pale pink lips back up my fully engorged cock. I feel her hot breath against the sensitive skin and I feel myself harden even more.

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His Sweet Slave, Part 2


Two Days Later

            The anticipation of serving Laurence continues for two more days until he finally receives the results of our exams, which turn out to be negative across the board for the both of us. The message is short and simple, but the wink that he places at the end of the message makes my womb immediately ache. When I hear the knock on my door, I quickly get up to answer it and smile so widely, thinking that it’s my sexy boss that is now my master. When I see Robert’s handsome face looking back at me, though, I can’t help but remember the way that I literally ran away when he asked me out three days ago.

“Listen, Ruby,” he says as he meets my gaze. “May I come inside for a minute?”

“Of course.”

I can already feel the little coffee that I consumed a few minutes ago curdling in my stomach. I’m about to apologize to him when he starts gazing at me with a twinkle in his eyes, staring at me fondly. He looks amazing in a charcoal grey suit with a red tie. Once the door is closed shut, he turns to me with a sexy smirk, which makes my nipples tighten in surprise and lust.

“I need to hear it from you,” he says in a low, urgent tone. “I need to know if it’s true.”

“What do you mean?”

He takes a step toward me and I am paralyzed by his magnetic, sexy aura. “That you want to pleasure me and Laurence at the same time.”

My eyes widen and my belly does a summersault. “Yes. It’s true.”

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His Pain Slut


He slaps my breasts


Before pulling

The silver chain

The nipple clamps


Delicious pain


My petite body

His loving slaps

On my cheek


The lovely ardor

I love being

His little

Pain slut

Pleasuring Her


I knock on her closed office door with my heart palpitating violently in my little chest and the feeling that there is a frog stuck inside my throat. Maybe if I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I haven’t been with a woman in years, I wouldn’t be so nervous. But the fact is that I am very scared. Scared because I hope that I will remember how to pleasure a beautiful, intelligent woman like Maritza Bianchi.

It’s as if she has been waiting for me because she answers the door a mere second after I knock on it. As soon as she opens it, I quickly realize that she is too beautiful for me. She looks like an Italian goddess with her luxurious blonde wavy hair spilling down her shoulders and her emerald eyes that are glimmering with sensuality and eroticism. Instead of wearing a business suit, she has on a black maxi dress that clings to her fit body like a second skin. Along with her red four-inch heels and red lipstick, I find myself staring at her like a complete and utter idiot.

“H-hello, miss,” I say as we hungrily gaze at each other. “Thank you for letting me in.”

“Of course.” Her voice is so soft and sensual, filled with ripeness and promise. “Please, come in. Make yourself comfortable on the couch.”

I gulp and quickly nod before I do as I’m told. I’ve never been with someone as beautiful as Maritza. She told me that her mother is from Argentina and that her father is from Italy, hence the Spanish first name and Italian last name. She confessed to me that she wishes she had a curvier body, and usually I am more attracted to women with curves, but Maritza has a bright, inviting aura and beauty that goes beyond the physical realm.

Once I sit down on the dark purple couch, she joins me, walking with little issue in her sexy heels that echo in the silent office. I take in a quick view of her ample yet comfortable office, loving the candles and few paintings pinned to the walls. When she sits down next to me and places a steady hand on my trembling knee, I feel an instant wave of calm rush through me, bathing me in inner peace.

“Don’t be scared, darling,” she whispers. “You are very beautiful and sexy to me. There is no need to be nervous. Look into my eyes.”

I do as I’m told. I look into her ethereal azure eyes and feel a new wave of lust pulse through me. Her eyes hold so much inner beauty, but also wisdom and hurt. She is a woman with experience and deep knowledge, and that turns me on immensely. My insecurity quickly melts away as I cautiously place my left hand on her bare knee and slowly bring my hand up her lithe, fit body. She shivers and gazes down at my hand as I raise it up to her beautiful, smooth cheek. Sighing, she closes her eyes and leans into my soft touch.

“I miss being with women,” she whispers. “My job makes it difficult to meet them. I’m always working. Always feeling lonely.”

“I’m sorry.” I smile as I bring my hand to her luxurious, soft blonde hair. “Maybe I can distract you from your loneliness?”

I stare at her milky white neck and the urge to suckle on the sensitive skin there overwhelms me until I am drawn to press my lips against her there. She gasps as I gingerly plant a kiss on the smooth curve of her neck. A pang of fierce white-hot lust rips through me as I inhale her amazing, feminine scent, which is an intoxicating mixture of vanilla, patchouli and lavender. I add more pressure to my lips and tentatively flicker my tongue against her soft skin, making her moan and shudder against me.

“God, that feels so good, baby,” she moans out. “I love your mouth on me.”

I lift up my mouth from her neck to glance down at her sexy, fit body so that I can bring my left hand down to her parted legs, which are wide open in invitation for me. I moan fervently as I realize that she’s wearing no underwear, and when I feel her slick, slippery folds drenched with arousal, I bring my lips back to her neck and gently suck on the sensitive skin there.

“Fuck yes,” she whimpers as her hips thrust upward. “It feels so fucking good.”

I lightly flicker my tongue against her pale smooth neck and slide my finger up and down her hot, wet slit, making her shiver uncontrollably and her hips buck upward. I pull away from her neck and gaze down at her lithe body, loving the way she is responding to my touch. I bring my mouth to her ear and breathe into it, which sends a shiver down her spine.

“May I worship you with my mouth as well, miss?” I ask.

“Yes, please,” she says breathlessly. “I would love that.”

I smile as I retract my hand and kneel in front of her to spread her legs further apart. In my experience, very few men have tapped into the realm of raw sensuality, where you can build up a woman’s erotic pleasure until she has an amazing orgasm that leaves her writhing and panting.

I tenderly kiss my way up her smooth, toned legs, brushing my lips against the inside of her thighs. Even though I ache to plunge my tongue deeply into her soaking wet pussy, I take my time adoring her legs with my mouth. When I finally reach her wet mound, I plant a soft kiss on her bare labia before I close my eyes and lick her tentatively, dragging my tongue up her wet, warm opening. She whimpers and puts her hands through my hair, her fingers lightly pulling at the strands, urging me to go on.

“Fuck my pussy with your tongue, baby,” she says in a frantic whisper. “I want to feel your tongue inside of me, please.”

She doesn’t have to tell me twice. I moan before I slowly plunge my eager tongue inside her wet, warm pussy, making her gasp and tremble violently. She smells and tastes so divine; her pussy is so sweet and exhilarating to me, making my own cunt throb painfully in absolute lust. I start to gently thrust my tongue in and out of her cunt and when I open my eyes to look up at her, I see the possessed expression of pleasure on her beautiful face and it’s enough to make my nipples tighten ardently and my womb throb again. Wetness floods my core as I continue tongue fucking her, loving the way that she grinds against my mouth so eagerly.

“Yes, don’t stop, baby,” she says as her hands grip my hair. “I’m going to come soon if you keep doing that.”

I bring my lips to her puffy clit and suck on her clit while I gently slide my finger inside of her slick, tight cunt. She arches her back and gasps a visceral cry of pleasure as her hips buck and her legs quiver on both sides of my face.

“I’m going to come,” she says breathlessly. “Baby…oh God.”

My stomach fills with butterflies when I hear her say my name in carnal heat. And when she grips my hair tightly and moans so loudly, I feel lust stream through me as she rides out her orgasm.

“God, you are amazing,” she says as I plant a kiss on her quivering cunt. “I’d love to sixty-nine you. Do you like that?”

“I’d rather focus on you, miss,” I say as I grin up at her. “I want you to ride my face.”

“Oh God, I’d squirt into your mouth, baby,” she says with excitement laced in her voice. “The last time I did that to a girl, it was an accident and she hated it.”

“Mm.” A primal shiver runs through me. “I would love that so much. I’ve always wanted a girl to squirt down my throat.”

“So much comes out, though.”

Instead of saying anything, I show my enthusiasm by stretching out on the floor in front of the couch. A tiny moan escapes her before she quickly peels off her dress and carefully straddles my face. I gently grab her hips and pull her down more as I stick my tongue out and slide it into her slippery folds. She gasps as she cautiously grinds her hips against me; she adds more force as she relaxes against me and loses herself to the pleasure.

“I don’t know how I’m going to last like this,” she says with a shaky voice. “It feels like I’m on the verge already.”

All I can focus on is her sweet, delectable feminine scent and her sexy, fit body convulsing all because of me. The wet, slippery sounds of her going up and down on my tongue echo in my ears and when I feel her gasp and feel her thighs quiver, I know that she is close.

“I’m going to come,” she whispers in a taut voice. “Oh my God…oh fuck!”

She whimpers and convulses on top of me as a stream of her cum gushes down my throat. With another thrust, more squirt comes out. It’s sweet and salty at the same time, and I find myself desiring more. But by the way that she is breathing heavily, I sense that she needs some rest. So I quickly pull away from her soaking wet mound and kiss my way back up her tight, fit body, all the way up to her lovely mouth. She moans as she swirls her tongue into my mouth and tastes herself, which makes me groan in absolute heat.

“God, you are so perfect,” she whispers as I nuzzle her neck and close my eyes. “Thank you, baby. That was amazing.”


I Don’t Belong.

I have never belonged in this world. This world is too harsh. Too judgmental. Too cold hearted. Too mean. The world of humans is an awful one.

But I know I belong with books. With words. With nature. With fellow animals. With plants. That is my home. My soul resides with these things that I hold dear, and I will clutch onto them tightly for dear life. Because they give me life. They are my world. And I am grateful for them every single day.


Pleasuring Them

Underneath the polished oak table

She felt so divine

Sucking, licking and gagging

On the beautiful cocks

Of five gentlemen

Who distractedly played

A game of poker

While she worshiped

Each cock

Slapping the shafts

Against her cute face

Moaning in heat

When they would come

Down her thirsty throat

Such a good girl

They would always whisper

Discreetly at work

Forcing her to smile

In complete bliss