His Sweet Slave, Part 4

You have unleashed a side of me that I never expected to live out in the flesh, Master. I can’t wait to have you inside of my tight, virgin ass. My pussy is soaking wet for you to claim all of me, Sir.

            I write the email to him during work and I can’t lie, the sheer amount of lust and devotion that I have toward this man is starting to scare me. If only the people around me knew that such a sweet, cute, innocent looking woman was into cock worship, rough face fucking and being called a cum slut…would they even believe it?

I don’t expect an answer from Laurence right away. I get wrapped up in setting up his appointments and replying to emails when I see his message pop up on the corner of my screen. The visceral reaction that I undergo is surreal; I feel a flood of wetness seep from my cunt before I shudder in absolute longing for him to fuck my tight little virgin hole.

I will fuck your tight little ass so hard, you will squirt bucket loads everywhere. I’ll have to muffle your scream with my hand as your ass tightens around my cock, milking it as you come harder than you ever have before. I will make you my little anal whore that begs to have my cock inside of your tight virgin ass. Do you like the sound of that, my little fuck doll?

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Gag Slut

I come into his room wearing a black blouse that exposes a substantial amount of cleavage and a black skirt that reaches mid-thigh, exposing my nice, shapely legs. I have my black four-inch heels on and lick my lips as I hungrily stare at his crotch. He doesn’t even say hi to me as he glances me over with his warm brown eyes, stirring the already heated lust between my legs.

“Get on your knees,” he firmly says.

I lower myself on my knees as I wait in patience yet hidden excitement. My lips long to wrap around his hardness, to savor his addicting, masculine scent. My nipples harden in arousal as he walks over to me and unbuckles himself in front of me. I eagerly watch as he unbuttons his pants and lowers the zipper. I bite my lower lip as his thick, hard cock comes into bare view. He takes off his pants and I feel wetness gathering in my cunt as he teases me by lightly slapping his fully engorged cock against my pursed lips.

“Open your mouth,” he whispers as he presses the head against my pale pink lips.

I eagerly open my mouth wide and moan as he pushes the head of his throbbing cock past my lips. I flicker my tongue against the velvety head and I feel him stiffen as I gently massage his balls with my hand. My cunt is throbbing almost painfully as I anticipate his cock deep in my throat. He slowly enters my mouth until the head of his cock is brushing the back of my throat, making me gag a little. I moan around his cock as he slowly pulls out and then quickly jams it back in, surprising me when he holds the back of my head and forces me to choke on his cock.

“How do you like gagging on my cock?” he asks me as he quickly pulls out and grazes my lips with his hardness covered in my saliva. “Do you want more?”

“Yes, please!” I eagerly respond as I stare at his glistening cock covered in my spit. “I need your cock.”

He roughly pulls me toward him and starts fucking my mouth so good, I am shaking all over from pure lust and sensation. His cock is hitting the back of my throat and I know he likes the wet, sloppy sounds of my mouth and throat covering his dick in my saliva by the way he hisses in satisfaction.

“Good little whore,” he whispers as he pulls my hair, making me tremble. “Get on the bed with your head hanging over the edge.”

I walk over to the bed in anticipation of what is to come. No one knows how perverted and cum hungry I am because I am so shy and reserved in public, making sure to hide this secret side of me that he is clearly witnessing now. He walks over to me and slides his slippery cock across my face, making me tremble as he rubs his balls over my face as well, marking me.

“Suck them,” he hoarsely whispers.

I eagerly wrap my lips around one of them and gently suck on it, using my tongue to lather the sensitive part with my saliva. I love hearing him groan as my sucking becomes more insistent and I move my mouth to the other one. He slaps my cheek with his throbbing cock and I whimper as his hand moves down to my B-cup breast.

“You dirty little whore,” he says as he pinches my hardened nipple through the soft fabric. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

“I love being your dirty whore,” I moan as his cock grazes my lips. “Fuck my face.”

He roughly shoves his cock down my eager throat, making my pussy flood when he starts fucking me without hesitation. I love being his little toy and focusing on just his pleasure. I grip the comforter for support as my throat milks his cock and spit starts falling down my face. I love the way he loses control and starts to shake as his thrusts become more insistent and rough. If I were to start touching myself, it would take seconds for me to violently come and make a wet spot on the bed. He holds his cock all the way down my throat for a few seconds as I squirm on the mattress, in complete ecstasy as he pulls out and I watch him stroke himself for a few moments. My spit is everywhere, connecting my chin to the head of his cock. The only thing I can smell and taste is him, his sweet and addicting flavor infiltrating my senses, making me moan for more.

“Touch yourself,” he orders before he jams his cock back into my mouth. “Make yourself come.”

I quickly bring my right hand down, slipping past my soft, silky panties to my wet folds. I am completely drenched; I feel no hesitation as I rub my slippery, wet cunt. He starts throat fucking me again and just like that, I start coming against my mere finger, moaning around his cock as my entire body violently convulses. My orgasm only eggs him on more, forcing him to groan and slam into my mouth harder. Spit is spilling out of my mouth and down to his balls, making him hiss and tremble. I continue to finger myself as I feel a second orgasm quickly approaching, making me thrash against the bed like a rabid animal. He feels the familiar stirring within his balls and quickly pulls out of my mouth to stroke his cock that is covered in my spit, slippery and wet to the touch. I stare at his delicious cock as I ride my hand in complete ecstasy; a scream escapes me as I start squirting against my hand, making him gasp as he finally comes on my face. The first strand falls across my forehead, followed by one on my nose and the last one directly into my mouth. He tastes so sweet and delicious, and I can’t help but wipe the remainder of his cum with my finger and lick it up.

“Thank you, sir,” I say before I get up from the bed and fix myself up before leaving the room.

His Sweet Slave, Part 3

One would think that I’d be satisfied with the abundant amount of cum that Laurence has given me for the past two days, but it obviously isn’t enough as I squirm on the chair at work. I fantasize about him binding my small wrists together while he stuffs his cock down my throat as I have a little plug teasing my tight, virgin ass. I imagine his thick, long cock deep inside of my ass and I have to dig my nails into my thighs to bring me back to the present.

Laurence is busy with clients all day long so I don’t even get to see him during lunch. I get a foreboding sensation that I won’t be able to see him even after work ends at five, and sure enough when I pass by his office I still sense him behind the closed door, obsessively working away. I don’t want anyone at work to suspect our relationship, especially since it’s kink related, so I continue to walk down the hall without even saying goodbye to him.

I’m about to walk down the long hallway when I hear my name being called behind me. When I turn around and see Robert walking toward me, I immediately swoon as my gaze unconsciously falters to his crotch.

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His Sweet Slave, Part 2


            The anticipation of serving Laurence continues for two more days until he finally receives the results of our exams, which turn out to be negative across the board. The message he sends me is short and simple, but the wink at the end makes my womb immediately ache. When I hear the knock on my door, I quickly get up to answer it and smile so widely, thinking that it’s him. When I see Robert’s handsome face looking back at me, though, I can’t help but remember the way that I literally ran away from him when he asked me out three days ago.

“Ruby,” he says as he meets my gaze. “May I come inside for a minute?”

“Of course.”

I can already feel the coffee that I consumed a few minutes ago curdling in my stomach. I’m about to apologize to him when he starts gazing at me with a twinkle in his eyes, staring at me fondly. He looks amazing in a charcoal grey suit with a red tie. Once the door is closed shut, he turns to me with a sexy smirk, which makes my nipples tighten in surprise and lust.

“I need to hear it from you,” he says in a low, urgent tone. “I need to know if it’s true.”

“What do you mean?”

He takes a step toward me and I am paralyzed by his magnetic, sexy aura. “That you want to pleasure me and Laurence at the same time.”

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Lavished By Him

I’m waiting patiently outside the nice hotel room for him to answer the door. I was told he is tall, white, with black hair and soft eyes. That was the customer’s exact description. I’ve never had a client who described his eyes as soft, so I am definitely intrigued. My boss told me that this is a new client and that he’s never been with an escort. That is why he recommended me, since apparently I am the sweetest and most patient worker that he has. His words, not mine.

So I’m not exactly sure what to expect in terms of looks when he opens the door. Most of my customers are older, with lonely, tired eyes, and they tend to be overweight, aching for a woman’s feminine touch. I can always feel their initial isolation when we meet, and sometimes it brings me to tears because it’s so overwhelming. As an empath, it’s impossible for me to completely cut off my emotions. Doing so would take away from my job, making the business less lucrative for me.

So when I see his handsome face appear on the other side of the threshold, his emerald eyes gazing intently at me, I feel rooted in place. My breath catches in my throat and my chest clenches in disbelief. This man called for an escort? I think there has been a mistake. Panic starts to swell in my chest before he smiles and makes my entire body feel like it’s on fire, being consumed alive.

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